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DEKA-Trade offers its partners services that include complex solutions in order to increase sales, the customer portfolio and expand market shares accordingly. We offer services in accordance with an assortment of clearly selected products with the best definition of quality and price. The import and sale of our products in the off- and on-trade markets is carried out according to a clearly defined marketing strategy that is adapted to the criteria and standards of our portfolio customers. Quality standards are maintained and monitored throughout the entire chain of activity, from division through product adaptation to a specific market / import and distribution to the end consumer with after-sales service. The methods and strategies of cooperation used are adapted to the situation of each partner and differ depending on the demand, target market and customer segment.


Applying a correct product strategy provides us to build an assortment, selected from the products that should fit the task that consumers want, should work, and should be what consumers from the target market expect to receive. According to the need and to the origin, the selected products are passed through the qualification and standardization procedure for the target market. The launch of the products on the market takes place from the market prospecting process until following the product in consumption.